CORN: COrneal Nerve Database

These datasets are released for academic research use only.
  1. Dataset Description
The corneal nerve database (named as CORN) is now open source. It includes two sub-dataset: CCM-1and CCM-2.
The CCM-1 dataset has a total of 1578 corneal confocal microscopy (CCM). All the images and labels of CCM-1 are obtained and segmented manually by our ophthalmologist, who traced the centerlines of all visible nerves.
The CCM-2 dataset includes 120 CCM. The original CCM can be download from University of Padova. However, the ground truths are not available in the original CCM. Fortunately, our ophthalmologist has completed the manual annotation of the original CCM, and we are willing to open source the ground truths.
All the images of CCM-1 and CCM-2 were acquired at size 384 × 384.
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